Vilafranca is heritage:
history, culture, landscape... 
and its people.

Explore the history of Vilafranca, in its architecture, in its traditions.

Vilafranca del Penedès was born in the early 12th century, around an old tower called Dela, in an imprecise place, close to the Via Augusta. The Town was already populated by the times of Ramon Berenguer and diverse factors influenced the growth of the initial centre of the town: its geographical location, the privileges granted to it, its calm approach towards the Sarecens and the impetus it was given by the Count of Barcelona.

Towards the mid 14th century there is a period of growth in Vilafranca. From the middle of this century a series of calamities, epidemics and wars began that had a strong impact on our town. The year 1333 is known as the first bad year. It would continue with the plague of 1348 and others that followed.

In the period from 1950 to 1981, Vilafranca underwent major growth. It became home to different industries and the wine and cava sector experienced broad development. Vilafranca today, eight centuries after it was founded, exudes an air of medieval nobility around its Gothic quarter. Wine culture is present in all kinds of manifestations: architecture, industry and cultural activities. And one of the other attractions of Vilafranca is shopping (an experience backed by over eight hundred years of commercial activity).