Vilafranca to the table.
Disover the cuisine of the Penedès

The gastronomic offering of the Penedès is highly varied and based on local products. The products of the land, the fruit and vegetables, are of good quality and originate from all over the region and mix perfectly with the meat of local poultry breeds: the Penedès black rooster and its duck. 

Recipes of rooster or roast duck with pears or prunes are well-known and it is a good idea not to miss the Poultry Dishes Cuisine Exhibition that is held during the Rooster Fair. You can also enjoy excellent locally produced cured meats, tasty salads seasoned with xató from Vilafranca, rabbit and veal with wild mushrooms and fish recipes from the neighbouring Garraf coast. In addition, we can find peaches and plums, grown around the vineyards and excellent pastries, such as the famous coques of Vilafranca, catànies and the delicious locally-produced turrons during the Christmas season. 

The perfect harmony between the cuisine and the wines and cavas of the Penedès can be confirmed in the extensive offering of restaurants in Vilafranca. There you can find dishes containing local produce, with both traditional dishes and signature cuisine.