Vilafranca en família

  • Visit Vilafranca with the family

Activities at the VINSEUM

Experiment, experience and learn about the culture of wine

At the VINSEUM, the Wine Culture Museum of Catalonia, you will find exhibitions and workshops for children all through the year. And also “Explore the Museum”, a fun way of visiting the permanent exhibition.

Cultural activities

Theatre, stories, music, and dance for all ages

With shows and activities for everyone, Vilafranca’s cultural agenda pays lots of attention to families. Stories on the stage, magic, music that introduces the classics to children: loads of reasons to visit the town with the whole family.

Wine Walk

This recreational activity reveals the close ties between the town and the countryside.

Through the different stops on the itinerary and a game, the Wine Walk explains the close ties that existed and still exist between the town and the vineyards.

Your accommodation through the hostel network (XANASCAT)

Family holidays in a hostel

A different type of accommodation for the whole family, taking advantage of the special services and activities.

Medieval Route

Travel back in time to visit mediaeval Vilafranca.

Thanks to modern technology, we can now leap backwards in time to the Middle Ages, to the origins of the town. Characters of the epoch explain everything.