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VIEMOCIONS: Discovering stories, experiencing emotions

We are an incoming travel agency, specialized in tourist offers with high-added value in the field of wine tourism and gastronomy, with a professional and passionate team about their work and a great knowledge of the territory.

Our basis: understanding the new paradigm of tourism

We strongly believe that the paradigm of tourism has changed and it is necessary to focus on customer demand. People no longer want “to see things”, now they want “to live things” and increasingly do it as locals, feeling themselves more travellers and less tourists.

We believe in a model of tourism that doesn’t prey on and enriches both the host community and travelers. A model capable of reinventing tourism destinations, enhance them with their own stories and have them become cultural, economic and social engine.

As a result of this way of interpreting tourism, we develop a sustainable tourism with both quality and value. A tourism designed with the aim of knowing the territory, feeling its ways of life and enjoy the experiences and products at their place of origin.

Our tourist offer: understanding the traveler and the region

All our products are unique and always offer a thorough discovery of the territory, the personality, the landscape, tradition, history, culture and people of our country. An emotional, sensitive and stimulating journey through wine &gastronomy culture, land and the people that make it happen.

Our experiences can be customized to fulfill everybody's needs and expectations. Our offers can always be combined with other proposals and other destinations in order to live an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

We strongly believe that we are able to find right the experience for each traveller: the story to tell and the people to meet with that will thrill you. It will be remembered for a long time!

Just let us know what you are looking for and we can organize it especially for you.

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From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.