Winery visit ARTCAVA + Tasting artisanal Caves

Visit the Artcava winery with its thousand year old farmhouse ( Masia Can Batlle) as if it were a regular tour, but with a twist.  You will experience firsthand the disgorging of a bottle of Cava.  Discover the secrets of the Batlle family, winemakers since 1730, in a winery that combines history with the times we now live in, created for you by the present owners.

We prefer small groups ( with no more than 15 people ), as one of our favorite perks of the job is being able to interact with all of our guests.  Sometimes visits last more than an hour and a depends on the day, and the atmosphere, and the fun we have with our visitors!

If you are serious about really learning about CAVA, The PENEDES wine region, Artcava is the place for you!