Wake up inside a stone barrack sorrounded by vineyards

Imagine waking up in the middle of a vineyard field, inside a stone barrack, sorrounded by an astonoshing silence interrupted by the sounds of nature. Enjoy having breakfast served in a basket under a bicentennial pine or near an olive tree while remembering the wine tasting of the evening before. Are you looking for an exclusive and unforgettable experience? You have found it: welcome to Barraca entre Vinyes!


Our stone barracks are totally integrated into an agrarian landscape that allows to enjoy an authentic experience among vineyards and nature.

The reception is located inside our cellar, Vins de Foresta. We will guide you through every detail of the experience. Soon you will discover the aroma of the wine elaborated with the vineyards that surround our barracks, the same one that we serve to our visitors in the wine taste scheduled the  afternoon of your arrival.

In order to have a neutral effect with the environment, our barracks have neither electricity nor running water. Yes, its interior is illuminated with led light, creating a romantic atmosphere. In the sink you will find a traditional jug of porcelain water for personal hygiene and natural soap made with aromatic herbs collected in the surroundings of the barrack. The dry toilet is 100% biodegradable and hygienic. The garden area includes a table, benches and hammocks that transmit peace and relaxation.

It is important to wear comfortable footwear and, if it is winter, warm clothes. Last, but not least, the experience includes a breakfast elaborated with proximity products that will raise you an important question: whether to enjoy it inside or outside the barrack.