Jean Leon visit and cheese and wine matching in Jean Leon

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"Many wines have a Story to tell. But very few tell one as incredible as the story of Jean Leon"

Matching cheese and wine is fun, and both are very important products in our Mediterranean gastronomy. Just as every wine is unique so is every cheese. Like cheese, wine also matures, resulting in changing flavor characteristics. Matching the two is a fun and fascinating activity.

· Guided tour of the winery
· Pairing of 4 Jean Leon wines with 4 cheeses:
  • 3055 Rosé 2015 - Briqueta de cabra
  • Vinya Gigi 2014 - Brie Meaux
  • Vinya Palau 2012 - Mazeri
  • Vinya  Le Havre 2009 - Marantona viejo

Duration: 1:30h

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Type: Course/workshopWine-tastingGuided tastingPairingWine and Cava tastingGuided tour
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