Discovering the Penyafort Castle

With this visit we encourage you to know the patrimonial construction that best explains the historical evolution of the municipality of Santa Margarida i els Monjos, the Penyafort castle.

During the XI century, next to the castle of Olèrdola a watchtower was erected to protect the conquered land of the Muslims of Al-Andalus. Since then, a church, a convent, a summer residence of the industrial bourgeoisie and even a prison guarded by republican aviation during the Civil War, have been adding to the original fortification giving rise to the current polyhedral and rich architectural ensemble.

With this visit we will undertake a long journey in time starting in the Catalonian reconquest, to continue with the implementation of the Catholic counter-reformation, the confiscations and the industrial revolution, until the outbreak of the war in 1936 and the subsequent arrival of the first American tourists.