Create your own Cava experience

By choosing this fun and original activity, you will discover all the secrets of CAVA and its elaboration process.  You won´t just get to taste three Cavas, but everyone will get to disgorge a bottle of Cava, without forgetting a visit to the old farmhouse and all the old installations.  

Once you have selected the cava that you like the best from tasting, we will take you to the elaboration room, where with your own
hands in a totally manual way you will disgorge your own bottle.  Next you will put in the cork and finally put on the label. This will be your bottle of Cava to keep, that you can take home and open whenever you want to remember the magical experience that you had at

This is a very unique workshop in the world of wine tourism, in a small winery where you will participate personally with the
owners, who are us.  Feel free to take tons of photos and videos  to put on Facebook and you´ll see how you will be the envy of your friends!