CIARGA and Serral air-raid shelter

The Penedès became, during the Civil War, in the center of operations of republican aviation, Gloriosa, as settled in this territory four airfields when they had in Aragon were lost and the advance of Franco 's troops were expected to the province of Lleida. Also the Penedès became, from that moment, and one of the main focus of the bombing targets on the other side.
These four airfields, located in Santa Oliva, Santa Margarida i els Monjos, Sabanell and Pacs del Penedès and that would become known as the Vesper of the Gloriosa, in Castilian the Avispero of Gloriosa, were crucial for the actions of the Ebro and Segre that tuvieon place between April and May 1938, during the Battle of the Ebro and during the offensive campaign Seròs and Catalonia, until January 1939 that were abandoned by the Republicans against Franco 's offensive.