Amfitrions de Vilafranca, "I wanna be Vilafranquí"

Would you like to enjoy Vilafranca del Penedès as a real “vilafranquí”? Get to know our host program, “Amfitrions”, and discover the city in company of one of our neighbours!

Our hosts and hostesses (“Amfitrions”) are not professional guides, but citizens in love with our city and dealing with people. Do you want to meet them? We encourage you to be part of this cultural exchange experience with one of our city neighbours. They will share with you little stories, experiences and their special, amazing and unique vision of Vilafranca del Penedès.

You just need to tell us when will you be visiting the city and which are your interests. Then you and your host or hostes will share time, experiences and hobbies. The truth is that landscape, traditions, wines, culture and sports ... are always more enjoyable in good company!



  1.  You must contact with the Vilafranca Tourism Office or fill in the form
  2.  We will choose the host or hostess (AMFITRIÓ )  more suitable for you.
  3. We will inform you about the hour and meeting place (probably the Tourist Office).
  4. The day and hour indicated you will find your host and hostess.
  5. From here on, let’s live Vilafranca del Penedès through the eyes of your companion





"Amfitrions" Program: Applicant details