Xató Festival

Discover and sample Xató in Vilafranca.

Xató is a typical dish from the Penedès that you will be able to enjoy with all the characteristics typical of the four destinations that are present here: Vilafranca, Vilanova, El Vendrell and Sitges

Xató is a winter salad based on curly endives accompanied by other ingredients such as anchovies, desalted and flaked cod or tuna, and arbequina olives. The difference, however, between the different ways of preparing xató, is to be found in its sauce.

Vilafranca organizes the Xató Festival as a result of the town's presence as part of the Xató Route, and since its first event it has been warmly received by both the local population and visitors from elsewhere.

The Xató Festival is held on the third Sunday in February.


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Vilafranca del Penedès