Fira del Gall (Rooster Fair)

Getting ready for Christmas with the Penedès Rooster! Tradition, gastronomy, wines and multiple activities

The Fira del Gall (Rooster Fair) is a traditional poultry market that has been held in Vilafranca del Penedès since the Middle Ages. At this fair people can buy and try the famous "Gall del Penedès" (Penedès Rooster), a local variety of poultry that is very much appreciated because of its spectacular aspect and its meat and the authentic star of the fair.

Food and wines are also an essential part of the Rooster Fair, and a major exhibition of poultry-based cuisine presents recipes ranging from the most traditional to the most novel, accompanied by wines from the D.O. Penedès.

An entire series of festive events make up the Rooster Fair programme. The Fair is held during the weekend prior to Christmas.

Nowadays, the Rooster Fair is one of the town's most important events and, in parallel with the Festa Major, it attracts the largest number of visitors. 

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