A Day in Vilafranca

Come and visit us, give yourself the gift of a day in Vilafranca



Come and visit us, give yourself the gift of a day in Vilafranca

You arrive in Vilafranca by car, train or bus, and what can you do?

You can start your time in Vilafranca by visiting the VINSEUM, Museum of Wine Culture of Catalonia, in order to journey into this world of wine.

Afterwards, and to build up an appetite, you can follow one of the routes around the city, the Modernist or the Mediaeval route, both of which will take you around the city's history.

And now it's time to sit down to eat. Vilafranca has a large variety of bars and restaurants where you can dine accompanied by a fine wine from the region. 

After lunch, we can go to one of the town's wineries to see how the wine is made and sample some of them.

Before leaving, don't forget to have a look at the town's shops, where you will find a wide range of products. Or to visit the Heritage Cemetery.

If you're not in any hurry, you can visit a rehearsal of castellers (human towers), although only between March and October!!

If you prefer a little more activity, we invite you to take a walk around the mountain of Sant Pau or alternatively to tour some of the walks that depart from Vilafranca and visit spots with a high landscape and/or historical value. And you can also enjoy different cycling routes.

You also have the possibility of taking guided tours and also according to the time of year, you can enjoy a sunset over the belltower of the Church of Santa Maria .

Finally, we invite you to check the agenda because throughout the year you will find a host of events in Vilafranca: festivals, fairs, traditional events... which will undoubtedly ensure that you enjoy your day.

Ah! And if you want to stay for more than one day, check out the offerings in accommodation.